Before Bodhi started coming to Petunia's, when customers or consignors entered the boutique, they'd ask if the owner was in.  Yet, ever since Bodhi started coming to work with owner, Donna "Lauren", all our guests now want to know is, if "the dog is in."

Now, aside from being friendly and furry, Bodhi has also become somewhat of a follower and promoter of some of the latest  trends and ideas in fashion.  In fact, he's become a "fashionista", of sorts.  Therefore, we thought it might be fun if he could share with you about some of the fashion news, reviews and ideas that he's picked-up on in Petunia's.  

So, we welcome you to join us on a weekly journey into fashion, fun, ideas and the world of consignment clothing and accessories! 

Petunia's Consignment Boutique